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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 23, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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let's take a look at the current stats. it's showing signs of a little weakening now it's moving onshore. pressure rising to 929 millibars. winds are dropping but high at 160 miles per hour. so where is this headed next? you can see it moves inland. tonight, at 11:00 p.m., category 3 storm winds of 125 miles per hour. as we zoom in and get a closer look in puerto vallarta, they're just narrowly missing a direct hit as the storm system will be just off to the east tonight. they again will still get the gusty winds. rain, 6 to 12 inches. isolated amounts of 20 inches expected with this storm. it's going to push up into texas, the remnants from the storm, throughout this weekend and likely cause some flooding. all of the tourists in puerto vallarta caught off guard. just because of the fact that in 36 hours it went from a 40-mile-per-hour storm up to 200 miles per hour. that's unprecedented, and that's
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all due to the warm el nino waters helping to fuel this storm system. back with more in about 15 minutes. >> then the danger of the mudslides following after. thank you very much, jeff. >> there are many people in the bay area worried about family in mexico. right in the path of hurricane patricia. many are doing the only thing they can think of, pray for safety. ian cole is live at our lady of guadalupe, and there will be a prayer vigil and many people will beon their knees, ian. >> absolutely. mass is about to start in 20 to 30 minutes. that will be followed by an all-night prayer vigil to pray for the people of mexico, for many people who have family down there, they have been trying to get ahold of them all day, trying to make sure they're safe and ready. as hurricane patricia makes landfall in mexico, dozens of people arrived at the san jose airport from guadalajara, just
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inland from puerto vallarta where the rain already began falling. >> a lot of water coming, and everybody is pretty worried. >> catalina says people there are being told to shelter in place. >> houses are putting boards on the windows. but they said that after 3:00, they shouldn't leave their house. >> this man says he saw many car crashes due to the rain as people tried to leave the area. moniece lopez was on the same flight. the rest of her family preparing to return tomorrow, now stuck unsure of what lies ahead. >> we contacted them as soon as we landed to make sure that they're okay and to see if maybe they can leave tomorrow because we were concerned about our flight. am we want to make sure that everyone is calm right now and that they keep very well informed. >> the mexican consulate in san jose asking people to call their families in mexico, asking them to tell them what airports are
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closed and follow local authorities orders. >> they'll be guiding them to special shelters and trying to make them safe. >> now, we spoke with the red cross of silicon valley. they said they have not sent any volunteers down there yet. they're in a wait and see mode. however, they say there are mexico emergency agencies that started evacuating people yesterday to dozens and dozens of shelts that they already have in place. reporting live in san jose, ian cole. >> thanks, ian. >> puerto vallarta has been a tourist hot spot. for the past 24 hours, tourists are evacuating in droves, getting out of town on buses, cars, and airplanes. but not everyone is leaving. dozens of people from the bay area have hunkered down in hopes of waiting out the storm and continuing with a beach wedding. jodi hernandez spoke with members of the wedding party today. she joins us live in the east bay with more. jodi. >> hurricane patricia is
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definitely not the kind of guest you want crashing your wedding. but for a san francisco couple and their friends, they're dealing with precisely that tonight. >> getting a little nervous. at the beginning, i wasn't as nervous, but there's a few people in the hotel lobby panicking, crying, kids crying. i got a little nervous myself. >> tim and his friends woke up to find an evacuation notice on their vacation resort doors. informing them hurricane patricia is heading their way. >> we have been here since wednesday. then the next thing you know, we get a notice on our door saying we need to evacuate as soon as possible. >> ramos is in puerto vallarta for his friends' wedding. rudole foe and anthony are scheduled to say i do on the beach tomorrow afternoon. now, their entire wedding party's been bussed out. they're hunkered down in a hurricane shelter at a local elementary school. >> it was about 70 people in our
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guest list. we made sure everyone is taken care of. everyone is here, everyone is safe. and we're good. so i'm really happy. >> even with what's being called the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the pacific barreling in, the grooms are determined to carry out their wedding vows. the power of love, they say, is far more powerful than patricia. >> they say rain is good luck, so we're hoping a hurricane means that it's forever. >> it says tomorrow it will be clearing up, around 1:00, 2:00, the sun should be out. we're having the ceremony at 5:00. >> i got an update from one of the members of the wedding party. he says they're all gathered right now inside the classrooms. it's raining very, very hard, but they don't have access to television or radio. very little information coming in to them. they are just bracing and hoping for the best. reporting live in emeryville,
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i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> we certainly wish them the best. thanks. we'll be constantly updating our digital platforms on the hurricane's path and impact. go to or download our free app. and for updates in spanish, you can go to our sister station, telemundo. they'll have live updates at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and a hurricane patricia special tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. on channel 48. >> six days after a shut down a popular restaurant, the shigella outbreak continues to grow. there are now 141 cases reported. many of the people who got the violent stomach bug ate at mariscos last weekend. now, the bug quickly spread to three other counties, sanmitato, santa cruz, and alameda. the public health department released the inspection report for the restaurant that it was shut down. it shows they found food stored
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at improper temperatures. however, they say the shigella outbreak is linked to an employee. >> a whole lot of shaking going on. another swarm of earthquakes rattled the east bay. there were five quakes overnight. the strongest, a 3.2, hit san ramon at 6:38 this morning. the epicenter was near the crow canyon country club. the other four hit one after the orthfrom 2:54 to 3:01. there were no reports of damage or injuries. over 200 quakes have truck the tri-valley area in the last three weeks. >> well, they look like the real thing, but they are not. tonight, health officials say these pills may have xanax imprinted on them, but they're fakes. counterfeit. christie smith is live in san francisco, the fake drugs are being sold on the streets, and they're dangerous, and they could still be out there. >> yeah, that's right. health officials here in san francisco say they don't know the source of these counterfeit
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xanax pills, but they certainly have proved dangerous here in san francisco. what's happening here is consistent with what's happening nationwide, but mostly on the east coast. >> we believe most of the people who are taking it think it's actually xanax. >> a new warning from san francisco health officials. fake pills circulating on the street. they look like prescription xanax. the real one is on the left, but increasingly abused on the streets. the counterfeit is on the right. it contains fentanyl. >> fentanyl is an opiate like morphine or heroin or oxycodone or any of the other opiates. it's short acting and extremely potent. >> between october sdwa15th and 17th, one person was found dead with the fake pill on them. three others suffered complications from overdose. >> including sedation, weakness of the extremities, muscle breakdown that can lead to kidney damage, and fluid in the lungs. >> doctors have been alerted on
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the street, people advised to steer clear of any xanax sold illegally. for those exposed, noloxen recommended. it comes after pinole valley high school announced it had suspended student for taking xanax. >> xanax is everywhere. it's one of those highly prescribed drugs, and it's in many people's medicine cabinets. >> melissa stevenson is with foundation san francisco. an intensive outpatient rehabilitation program. she says prescription drugs have become big business on the streets. people often assume all prescriptions are safe. the streets offer a discount. >> being able to buy it off the street is a huge problem, not just in san francisco but everywhere. and people are really suffering. we see this all the time. >> conta costa county health officials are offering an advisory to schools and medical officials saying it's not
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certain if there's a connection, but not to take prescriptions if it's not prescribed to you. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you. thousands of dollars in drugs and guns confiscated. oakland police and federal agents tracked down more than a dozen accused gang members today. that's part of the loot from the drug bust. police seized guns, coke, heroin, and ten pounds of pot. they gave the alleged gang members an out. they could avoid jail time through operation cease-fire. all of them refused so police arrested them. >> now to decision 2016. another democrat drops out of the presidential race. former virginia senator jim webb dropped out earlier this week. today, lincoln chafee announced he's ending his campaign for the white house. chafy is the former governor of rhode island who was struggling to raise money and struggling to gain ground on the democratic
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front-runners, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. clinton, sanders, and former maryland governor martin o'malley are the three remaining contenters for the democratic nomination. on the republican side, jeb bush is making big changes to his sluggish presidential campaign. the former florida governor is cutting back on his staff and cutting costs, especially in areas that aren't devoted to voter contact. bush says his campaign will focus on new hampshire and that voters in the other three early voting states of iowa, nevada, and south carolina will see a lot more of him. well, still to come, stranded on a plane. the extreme measures a disabled man had to take once his flight landed in the bay area. plus -- >> a new beginning for genetic testing and we have the first look. coming up, the company that can tell you about your genetic makeup. because of an ofr-
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san leandro high school spent an hour and a half on lockdown this morning because of an officer-involved shooting near the school. 9:00 this morning, police responded to a report of a suicidal man in his car about a half block from the school. the goal was to desevilate the situation. they were forced to open fire when the man shot at them. the man did not survive. -- pardon me, the man did survive and he's in the hospital. an investigation into what
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happened will be handled by an outside agency. the school lockdown was lifted around 10:30 in the morning. >> united airlines is having to answer tough questions tonight after a disabled man says he was forgotten about in a flight from sfo to washington, d.c. he says he even had to crawl up the aisle to get help. nbc bay area's chuck coppola is live in san francisco at the airport there with more on what the man called a humiliating experience. chuck. >> that's right. 29-year-old dearce neal has cerebral palsy and needs a wheelchair. after a trance continental flight that left sfo for his home in washington, d.c., he had to wait an hour after the plane landed so some 30 minutes after the last passenger left, and still no one from the airline helped him off the aircraft. he finally had to drag himself, as you said, off the united airlines jet so he could use the restroom. a united airlines has apologized to neal, offering him a $300 voucher and saying that a
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special aisle chair that's used to wheel passengers down the center aisle, was sent to another gate mistakenly. >> i mean, it was -- it's humiliating. no should have to do what i did. half the time, i feel like airlines treat people with disabilities as a secondary concern. >> the national disabilities rights network says last year, there were 27,500 complaints from people with disabilities about their treatment in transportation situations. a 9% increase from the year before. and the u.s. transportation department says that the air carrier access act approved some 25 years ago, obligates airlines to help all passengers to add to the situation, neal was in san francisco giving a talk about transportation accessibility. reporting live in san francisco international airport, i'm chuck coppola. nbc bay area news. >> thanks, chuck. more than 4500 pages. that's how long the environmentsal impact report is on the warriors arena in san
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francisco. and the public has ten days to read through it and respond. city officials released a report today. in it, a first of its kind hostile access plan. that's to make sure parents, patients, can get to ucsf, and people and businesses in the mission bay neighborhood aren't stuck in traffic in events and there's more. >> there's additional parking control officers, uniformed traffic management officers in the street. additional parking lots to the south. there is a capital element to improving the service of the t-third, which will be the work horse getting to the line. >> a public meating on the record will be held on the 3rd. the warriors have already purchased the land at 16th and third street. they hope to open the arena for the 2018-2019 season. >> it's both helpful and controversial. we're talking about genetic testing. it's a hot issue in the bay area. now it's got a new twist. in a story only on nbc bay area,
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scott budman joins us with an inside look at testing in a company that has a been turn around. >> the idea of learning almost instantly where we come from and what diseases we may be carrying is fascinating and lucrative. we go inside 23 and me as they update their test and what it can tell you. remember the vials you spit into to find out where you're from and what health concerns you may have? they're back. >> the fda asked us to pause. >> 23 and me, the silicon valley biotechcompany that made headlines with its genetic tests then had to stop telling people about risk factors by order of the fda, is once again testing our health with fda approval. for $199, 23 and me can test you for 36 conditions while giving you information about your genetic background. >> genetics can help us learn about ourselves in so many ways.
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this has to do with our identity and the way we relate to our families through to the choices we make on a daily basis and some serious health considerations. >> now, from its brand-new mountain view headquarters, 23 and me can tell you if you have a genetic predisposition for a specific duzees, but with high-tech testing in the spotlight, after reports it's not as accurate as it claims, 23 and me is moving slowly towards more information for its users. >> taking something that's complicated and making it simple and something that's abstract and sciency and microscopic and isn't really human relatable. >> it's a field that's very sciency, and new to most of us, with a growing number of people working to make things easier. you can get the $199 saliva test on the 23 and me website, and if you have done the test previously, your results will
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eventually be updated. meanwhile, they declined our request for an interview about the situation releasing a statement saying recent claims made by the wall street journal are inaccurate. we'll keep you posted. >> thanks, scott. >> let's go to jeff ranieri. he's tracking hurricane patricia out in the pacific, and it's barreling down on mexico right now. >> it certainly is. we can confirm that it has made landfall at 4:15 pacific time. that's just north of l la manzanilla. the other thing about the storm system is not only the strong winds at the core of the storm near the eye that have reached as high as 200 miles per hour, but the overall size of this. i showed you this last night. check this out, a small sampling of this stretching at least 425 miles in length. it is a massive storm system that even though the center of the storm is going to be moving
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away from puerto vallarta, they will be under impacts from the storm system throughout tonight. i'll have more on that, but we take you outside to our sky camera network. 79 in the south bay. east bay at 84, and high clouds increase across the bay. tomorrow morning as we start off your saturday, we can't expect the high clouds to continue right here throughout the bay area, and temperatures to start off in the 50s. north bay at 51. east bay coming in at 58. and for the south bay, we'll start off at 55 degrees. let's take you back to the hurricane. i want to get you the staets on this. you want to know the strength and also the path. that's what this is right now. you can see the current stats have winds at 160 miles per hour. it's still dangerously strong, but it has started to weaken now that it's moved onshore. the pressure is also starting to rise at 924 millibars. a category 5, the top of the saffir-simpson scale. as we have been mentioning, it's now a record in terms of its overall size and its strength.
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tonight, what happens with the storm? it moves inland, but remarkably, it still stays a category 3 the way it looks. at 11:00 p.m. tonight, moving just to the east of puerto vallarta with winds at 125 miles per hour. that does mean puerto vallarta will get tropical storm force winds. rain, 6 to 12 inches. maybe some isolated amounts in the higher elevations near 20 inches. now, after that, the storm system this weekend pushes up into texas, at least remnant moisture to continue flooding issues there. just an unbelievable size of this storm system that exploded rapidly in a 36-hour period. so let's take you back to our weather for saturday. partly sunny. temperatures in the 80s inland, and still tracking the slight chance of showers as we head throughout sunday's forecast, mainly into marin, napa, and sonoma counties. let's get you to the microclimates. you'll see as we head through saturday, we can expect 60s throughout san francisco. at least in the marina. 74 in the financial district.
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84 in cupertino, 82 in san jose. for the north bay, east bay, and tri-valley, we'll be at 82 in napa with high clouds streaming across and partly sunny skies and oakland at 76. so the weekend forecast again on saturday stays warm. by sunday, we get that weak storm system moving in for a few showers in the north bay. that will help the cool temperatures over. 79 expected in the south bay. as we leave you tonight, jess and janelle, we still have that possibility of rainfall by next wednesday. looks pretty good for about a quarter to a half inch. >> okay, thanks so much, jeff. still ahead, giving back. big time, the multimillion dollar gift twitter ceo has for his employees. [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day
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could have a major impact on the construction industry in california. the berkeley balcony collapse could have a major impact on the construction industry in california. balconies could soon be required to have steel supports. the sacramento bee reports that berkeley city council is recommending the update to the state's building code. we don't know if that applies to new construction only or if existing buildings will need to be upgraded and balconies to be upgraded and retrofitted.
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meanwhile, next week, ireland's president will visit the bay area and honor the six students killed, five in the june balcony collapse were irish citizens. >> a good day for twitter investors and employees at the co-counter and ceo said he'll give up some of his own stock and give it to twitter workers. he'll give a third of twitter shares he owns, worth about $200 million to some of his current employees. that's nearly 7 million shares to be spread around, perhaps the way to lift morale after they recently laid off 300 employees. twitter shares jumped 4% today. >> harry potter the sequel. the big reveal for fans of the series. that's next.
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-- i can't even say this word. the boy wizard with the glasses is back. producers announced today they'll release the first harry potter play. harry potter and the krirs child will center on an adult harry potter and his son. the two-part saga begins where rowling's books ended, 19 years after the boy wizard's epic battle with evil lord voldemort. it opens july 30th at london's palace theater.
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>> harry marries ginny, and they have albert named after the hogwarts. >> you need to be the director. breaking news tonight. the strongest hurricane ever, a category five monster making landfall with winds close to 200 miles an hour. urgent warnings and evacuations in mexico. entire cities could be wiped off the map. al roker is here. hillary clinton's first interview since that swdown over benghazi, plus a downturn for jeb bush. trailing in the polls and making major cuts. is his campaign in crisis. >> our investigation into artificial turf made up from groundup tires. kids play on it every day after the epa refuses to answer our questions, now congress is demanding answers. and the package pile-up thanks to the explosion of online shopping, a delivery dilemma.


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